AlunaGeorge - Body Music

Duo's album delivers immediate rush of pop pleasure combined with experimental feel

Tipped as an act likely to make a big impression in 2013 by the likes of The Guardian, NME and the BBC, AlunaGeorge appear to have a lot riding on debut album Body Music, although in fairness, the duo have already enjoyed some mainstream chart success with single 'Attracting Flies.' Mixing elements of R&B, bass, house and garage with infectious hooks and a catchy chorus, it is the perfect showcase for Aluna Francis and George Reid's brand of street-savvy pop soul, and one of several highlights on a debut album that seems likely to deliver future hits.

It does seems something of a departure from the pair's musical origins; Reid once played in a math rock band while Francis was a member of an edgy, electronic collective, however after meeting on MySpace and sharing a passion for acts as diverse as Flying Lotus, Destiny's Child and James Taylor, they began to collaborate. A cleverly produced video for their first ever release, the addictive 'You Know You Like It' (recently featured on a Tesco clothing advert) went viral, grabbing the attention of both the wider public and major record labels.

Both singles, along with the likes of 'Bad Idea', 'Superstar', 'Diver' and 'Just A Touch' from Body Music aim to deliver an immediate rush of pop pleasure to the listener, while 'Outlines,' 'Your Drums,' 'Best Believing' and the album's title track have a more contemplative, experimental feel, showing another side to the duo's sound.

While the lyrical content may rarely stray from the topic of falling in and out of love, and George's sugary sweet, almost child-like vocal could perhaps be considered of the Marmite variety, it's hard to fault Reid's inventive, imaginative production on an album that seems certain to gain the band a larger audience.

AlunaGeorge - Attracting Flies

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