Errors - New Relics

The connection between people and place in music, or rather, sound and surroundings, is always fascinating, especially in a place like Scotland. Far from bearing any national trademarks, calling cards or even the slightest hint of their collective homeland on their new mini-album New Relics, Errors sound instead like they’re communicating to us from an alternate, unexplored reality where it is always the 1980s and ethereal electro is the language of choice.

The band’s musical evolution has seen them refine their commitment to detail and dense layers and on New Relics they venture even further from electronic party bangers, into full-on discovery mode, creating an indulgent and reflective record that will heavily reward those with the patience for it.

Errors play Electric Circus, Sat 13 Oct.

ERRORS - " Relics" ( Trip Video )

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