Bloc Party - Four

Cohesive, adventurous and at times crushingly heavy comeback album from the indie fourpiece

After considerable speculation about their future amid side projects and alleged fallouts, Bloc Party finally return with their fourth album together, cunningly titled Four. Given vocalist Kele Okereke’s venture into solo pop territory, guitarist Russell Lissack’s celebrated spell with Irish rock stalwarts Ash, and bassist Gordy Moakes’ turn with Young Legionnaire, it really could’ve gone any number of ways.

So it’s a pretty big surprise then, to hear an album that’s cohesive, adventurous and at times, crushingly heavy – from the beefy half-time groove of ‘So He Begins To Lie’ and ‘Kettling’ to the almost Black Metal atmospherics (seriously) of ‘3x3’. However, the likes of ‘Day Four’, ‘Real Talk’ and ‘Octopus’ will be familiar enough to please the faithfuls.

Bloc Party - Four (Album Trailer)

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