Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Finally we’ve got the freaky music to match the monsters


However much we snigger at the egg shell antics and purposely deranged interview technique, people gobble up everything Gaga does right now. So Gaga wins. But sticking firm to her Warhol and Bowie-inspired artistic roots and achieving massive mainstream success simultaneously is quite a feat, and has always been the ultimate critical test for the Lady’s schtick.

Live, it works – the singer seamlessly switching from raw, Liza-channelling dazzling solo turns where you fear imminent emotional breakdown to emerging theatrically from a coffin and delivering vocally while fake pregnant in black PVC. It’s on record that Gaga’s more creative side has been a little iffy, but rather thrillingly Born This Way sweeps all of those past problems aside. Dana International meets Meat Loaf on this bonkers pop powerhouse as Gaga turns her gloved hand to everything from German language electro to opera, minimal techno, sultry cabaret, and ridiculously camp rock anthems complete with organs and church bells. Finally, we’ve got the freaky music to match the monsters.

Lady Gaga - Judas

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