StAnza 2011 - New poetry showcases impress

New Poets Showcase and New Writing North Showcase

Emerging poets had a chance to impress at Stanza 2011 with at the New Poets Showcase and New Writing North Showcase. Both of these small intimate readings provided a wonderful introduction to some inspiring and talented poets, many of whom we will surely be hearing more from in the future.

Whilst it’s a given that they have worked hard to make words do their bidding - with many completing Creative Writing MAs and winning awards, including the Foyles Young Poet of the Year Award and Northern Writers’ Award - they have also produced thoughtful poetry often inspired by family memories, nature, motherhood, Grandmothers as well as sex. All the poets demonstrated quality in their live reading and offered some explanations for the poems.

The full list of poets is below, and there is also a sample poems by each on the StAnza website

New Poets Showcase

Sophie F. Baker
Steve Ronnie
Degna Stone
Anna Woodford

New Writing North Showcase

Claire Askew
Ellen Cranitch
Sarah Howe
Phil Najemy

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