On the surface of things, this play sets itself as an exploration of the comings and goings of a lonely hotel bedroom which is doused with minute traces of those who have spent the night; set across the city of Alcatraz, of course, nothing is as it seems. Through tape recordings we are introduced to 4 of the most dysfunctional and desperate former occupants of this particular room. As the stories begin to unwind in a complex yet fascinating order, sometimes revisiting the same event but in a different context, giving the play multiple layers for which the audience can attempt to decipher.

The acting is of a high standard; in particular the representation of the troubled novelist is incredibly compelling as he seeks to establish what went wrong with a seemingly melancholy relationship with his partner. Alcatraz is a fine example of a theatre production which makes the audience question the very setting that is presented to them. It is also one which may not bring conclusive answers, instead leaving the certain dichotomies of the situation open to interpretation; with reference to the end of the sun and parallel universes, this is one which keeps you guessing until the very end (and beyond).

Underbelly; 12:35pm.

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