Daddy Pig: ‘Maybe you’ll be able to hear my big tummy in the performance’

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Peppa, George, Daddy and Mummy Pig are all set to storm the Edinburgh Fringe with a musical fiesta. Lucy Ribchester (and her young sons Gabriel and Harry) throw out some questions to Daddy about tour riders, Muddy Puddles and bashing tummies

Hello Daddy Pig. I hope you’re looking forward to joining us in Edinburgh for the Festival. Will it be your first time in the city? 

It’s my first time in Edinburgh learning about all these amazing instruments! I’m so excited as I’m actually going to help conduct the Aurora Orchestra, on a stage in front of an audience. Can you believe it? I’m also going to have a try at playing some new instruments. I think I’ll be very good!

What is on Daddy Pig (and the rest of the family)’s rider? 

I did ask for lots of yummy snacks and treats in our dressing room, but somehow after Mummy Pig added her request for a copy of Ezza magazine, my treats disappeared from the list! Perhaps the Aurora Orchestra have some in their dressing room . . . I’ll have to see if they’ll share!

How have rehearsals been going?

It’s amazing! We’ve done some of the show already and we’re performing it all over the country before coming to Edinburgh. The rehearsals are great. Peppa and George can get a bit excited as there’s so much going on, but there’s nothing quite like taking part and having fun to focus the mind.

Where did you meet the Aurora Orchestra? 

Grandpa Pig and Granny Pig’s folk band performed at a music festival with the Aurora Orchestra a long time ago, and they have stayed very good friends ever since. They are kindly going to introduce us to all of their instruments and play the audience some classical music they might not have heard before.

Are there any instruments in the orchestra that you’ve never seen before? 

I love to play the drums, but I have been learning about all of the other instruments in the percussion section. Did you know that any instrument you can hit to make a noise is part of the percussion family? They come in lots of different sizes and can be very noisy . . . just like my family!

Who decided on the music that is going to be played at the concert? How did you choose which pieces you’d like to hear? 

What a very good question!  My family like to listen to all kinds of music like jazz and folk. In the concert, we play and sing some of the songs that Peppa and George love and that little ones in the audience might already know. We also introduce the audience to pieces of classical music that Mummy Pig and I love. Peppa and George love to learn all about new music by listening to Grandpa Pig’s records, so I’m excited to introduce them to some beautiful classical music. They may love singing ‘Muddy Puddles’ (and I love singing with them too) but there is lots of other great music and I want my little piggies to have the chance to hear it all!

And now, if you don’t mind, two of your very biggest fans, my children (both aged four), would like to ask a few questions . . . 

What is your favourite piece of music? (Harry) 

It’s so hard to pick just one! I like any musical piece that has lots of percussion and loud drums!

Are you going to bash your tummy like a drum? (Gabriel) 

Well, I am a bit of an expert at bashing things as I’ve been learning percussion, so I think it’s quite fitting. Maybe you’ll be able to hear my big tummy in some of the performances. 

How does a pig play the trumpet? (Harry) 

By taking a big breath and blowing very hard. Then you have to press the right valves at the right time along with the music. 

How do pigs play the guitar? (Gabriel)  

By strumming on the strings, just like everyone else. Our friend, Madame Gazelle, plays in a band called the Rocking Gazelles with her sisters. She gave me some lessons and I think I got pretty good. I’m not as good as her though. 

What vegetables does Grandpa Pig grow in his allotment? (Harry) 

Carrots, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower: all the ones that are good for you!

Peppa Pig: My First Concert, Assembly Hall, 4–21 August, 10am (plus Saturdays & Sundays, 11.50am).

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