Felicity Ward: Busting a Nut

Clowning around about the stuff that bugs her

After getting married last year, Felicity Ward and her Greek husband lived with his parents to save cash. That meant a lot of whispered arguments in the bedroom before polite dinners round the table, then chucking a few emotional grenades as they tried to go to sleep (she also talks about insomnia and self-help phone apps on her new Radio 4 show, Appisodes).

Maybe it's the Australian in her, but Ward is not the bullshitting type that would sugar-coat her life (that's what her Instagram is for, she beams). Instead she talks frankly about the things she feels self-conscious about, and shares all the stuff that really gets her goat. Inspirational slogans and strong winds are out; Olympic power walkers and rubber bath mats are in, for example.

Her imitations of her mum, getting so angry that her teeth stick together, or ordering food in restaurants using a kind of free jazz word association, are a chance for her to clown about and let her long curly hair down. The bits about her staying sober for more than a decade now, and her genius idea for an NHS initiative to combat female low self-esteem are also highlights. A very likeable loose unit.

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