Q&A with Lush Purr – 'The world seems a lot smaller now, but the Glasgow music scene is still as appealing as ever'

Gavin Will, of lo-fi indie pop purveyors Lush Purr, talks Glasgow, gardening and making music vids

Rising from the indie punk ashes of The Yawns, Lush Purr are a blend of musicians from Aberdeenshire, Doune, and Santiago, now touting their lo-fi wares in their adopted hometown of Glasgow.

We caught up with front man Gavin Wills to talk about their previous incarnations, current projects and the joy that come from making music videos as the band prepares to launch Cuckoo Waltz .

Glasgow is your adopted home - what is it about the city that attracts you?

Rikki, Emma and I all grew up in small towns in Scotland. The music scene was pretty limited where we were. We would all make trips to Glasgow for shows, stay with friends or even book a hostel to stay the night. It was like a holiday. Glasgow seemed very exotic to us. The world seems a lot smaller now, but the music scene is still as appealing as ever. There are lots of great venues, promoters, labels, bands and a great sense of community.

Oreste moved over to London from Santiago, Chile to study, but didn't enjoy it and ended up moving to Glasgow. This is where we all met.

Glasgow is a very inclusive and forward-thinking city. We live in the southside and it has a great multicultural community with wonderful little independent shops and places to eat. It's a lovely place to live.

What's the history of Lush Purr?
Rikki, Emma and I played in a band called The Yawns up until around 2015. When this disbanded, I started demoing some of my own material and posting tracks online under the name Squirls. After getting some good feedback from the demos it seemed like a good time to try and get a live band together. Emma and Rikki both offered their talents on bass and drums. I put an advert online for a keyboardist and one of the only replies was from Oreste. He had played in his own band called Mirror Parties who we were big fans of so it was perfect. Lush Purr was born.

What are some other releases we should check out (whether as Lush Purr or not)?
This is the debut LP, but it was originally released on cassette tape by Fuzzkill Records. They do lots of great releases: check them out. We have lots of releases from previous bands including The Yawns, Mirror Parties, Battery Face, Copy Haho, all available online. Check them out too. Maybe you'll find something you like.

Can you sum up your sound in ten words or fewer?
Like having a party under the sea.

Fancy elaborating?

We don't really want to try and sell ourselves to people. We make music and play and hopefully those that encounter it will like it, or not. It's all good. Give it a try, you might like it. Or not.

You're releasing Cuckoo Waltz through Song, by Toad records. How did that come about?
Matthew of Song, by Toad was a fan of The Yawns and we went through to record a session with him. We have stayed in touch ever since and became good friends. He has followed all the members' projects since. Matthews is very passionate about the artists he signs and his attitude to releases are that he trusts them to do whatever they feel creatively and supports when needed. I have no doubt that if he didn't like something he wouldn't be shy in telling us, but fortunately that hasn't happened yet. Song, By Toad is a really great wee label.

You recently released '(I Admit It) I'm a Gardener'. Admit it: are you actually gardeners?
As much as you can be living in a tenement flat. We have plants all over the place. We enjoy growing fresh herbs and vegetables in pots and window boxes. Nothing beats eating your home grown produce. It's a great feeling growing something edible from a tiny seed.

The single's video looks pretty fun: what's your approach to making music videos?
I think videos are very important in modern music. The internet is such a great tool for music and a great outlet for all sorts of creativity. Videos help to show a side of your personality that the music might not always convey. Making videos is a lot of fun for us and I'm glad it comes across in the video.

What have we got to look forward to from Lush Purr in the future?
We have a UK tour coming up in May and hopefully another later in the year. We have a second album that is almost finished being written and when we get back after the tour we will start the recording process. After that: world tour, platinum discs, Kanye collaboration …

Any last words?
Yes. This quote from Spinal Tap. A great mantra for a happy life: 'Have a good time all the time.'

Cuckoo Waltz is out via Song, by Toad on Fri 5 May.

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