Preview: Uncles

The local lads bring their new set of oddball characters to the Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Those Burnistoun boys have clearly contracted a serious case of the live comedy bug. Iain Connell and Rab Florence must have been so smitten with treading the Glasgow stages last year that they have come back for more, albeit with a different set of characters. The sold-out signs went up outside the King’s Theatre with such speed when it was announced that they would be performing at the 2015 Glasgow International Comedy Festival, that their thoughts immediately turned to putting on extra shows for their seemingly plentiful admirers. So, when the rest of the world was looking upon the antics in Edinburgh during August, Connell and Florence were mopping up the comedy adoration at the Theatre Royal across a string of nights.

For their next trick, they are bringing on the Uncles. There’s not a huge amount known yet about the show (aside from one curse-filled audio sketch about Viagra, it’s all being kept firmly under wraps), but this quasi-chilling message perhaps gives a sense of the horror / hilarity to come: ‘Life can be confusing. Life can be hard. Sometimes you need guidance from men of real experience, men who know ALL the answers. Maybe it's time you sat down and listened to your uncles.’ If you want to do a bit of homework on Connell and Florence, you can always clock on to your Netflix account and work your way through series one of Burnistoun: ‘eleven’, ‘nae rolls’, ‘quality polis’ and so forth.

King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Wednesday 16 March.

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