The Hot 100 2015: 90–81

Janice Galloway, Errors, Tamsyn Russell and Eclair Fifi among Scotland's hottest cultural contributors in 2015

90 Heather Leigh

The Hot 100 2015: 90-81

credit: BBC / Alex Woodward
The Texas-raised, Glasgow-based former Charalambides and Taurpis Tula pedal steel guitarist released her I Abused Animal album. It proved a favourite with fans of off-the-grid music, while Leigh went on to play with Peter Brötzmann at Tectonics. (DP)

89 Drygate

The Hot 100 2015: 90-81

Host of the Craft Beer Rising festival, the Williams Bros and Tennent’s joint venture, incorporating brewery, beerhall, terrace, events space, shop and Vintage eating options, has established itself as a hip hangout as well as a beacon of dynamic collaborations in Glasgow’s food and drink scene. (DR)

88 Janice Galloway

The Hot 100 2015: 90-81

Her first work of fiction since 2009, Jellyfish is a superb collection exploring sexual desire and parenthood. The 14 short stories examine insecurities of motherhood, the coping powers of music, and women existing on the fringes of society, all in Galloway’s signature narrative style. (RMc)

87 Joanna Blythman

The Hot 100 2015: 90-81

credit: Alan Peebles
Britain’s foremost investigative food journalist fearlessly digested the murky world of processed food in her book Swallow This, exposing the relentless deceit, subterfuge, self-righteousness and, at times, recklessness of the companies who stock our supermarket shelves. (DR)

86 Errors

The Hot 100 2015: 90-81

credit: Christine Kernohan
Releasing their fourth album on Mogwai’s Rock Action label, the Glasgow trio gave us a new Lease of Life and took a bold new step forward in the process. A Glasgow ABC appearance will usher in their 2016. Read our interview with Errors. (BD)

85 Numbers

The Hot 100 2015: 90-81

Their club dates have been collectors’ items this year, but the Glasgow-founded troupe did manage a Numbers v Optimo special in Barcelona and their 12th birthday boat party in Glasgow in the space of two June days. DJ Deeon, Lory D, Kornél Kovács and Sparky also featured on the label. (DP)

84 Johanna Basford

The Hot 100 2015: 90-81

Aberdeenshire-born Basford is known for her colouring books for adults, notably Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book. The ‘ink evangelist’ has now sold over one million copies of Secret Garden worldwide, and Staedtler even featured her illustrations on its pens. (RM)

83 Tamsyn Russell

The Hot 100 2015: 90-81

As a performer, Russell has been a notable presence on the Scottish dance scene for a while. But now she’s moved into choreography, things are really hotting up, with Hunting Dust one of the most exciting moments at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. (KA)

82 Eclair Fifi

The Hot 100 2015: 90-81

credit: @stevestills

Still one of Scotland’s finest DJs (and a designer, to boot), Clair Stirling has filled her year with shows for Rinse FM, a headline European tour, the top spot at LuckyMe’s showcase (she’s a member of the collective) at Amsterdam Dance Event and an upcoming support for Hudson Mohawke at the Warehouse Project. (DP)

81 Ben Reade

The Hot 100 2015: 90-81

The former head of research and development at the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen marked his return home as part of pop-up restaurant The Scratch Series. Later, he crowdfunded and opened the Edinburgh Food Studio in late October with partner Sashana Zanella. (DR)

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