Everything we know about Game of Thrones season six

Attribution/author:Article by: Rebecca Monks

‘Spoilers’ that aren’t really spoilers – from Bran Stark’s return to Kit Harington's hair

Let’s face it: Game of Thrones season six is about as mysterious as a red priestess speaking High Valyrian in a Flea Bottom back street. In the past, fans have been able to look back on the books to predict what will feature in the hit HBO TV show, but no more. Season five took the show beyond George RR Martin’s novels so far, and with no word yet on when The Winds of Winter will be released (despite all our intel), all we can do is look around the seven kingdoms for hints and clues as to what season six will look like. Here’s what we’ve got so far (based on occasionally intangible evidence).

Breaking: Kit Harington has hair
Spoiler alert: Jon Snow ‘dies’ at the end of season five, though many fans are adamant both Jon and Kit will be around to see another season. Fan speculation went into overdrive when the actor was spotted at Wimbledon with hair befitting a man of the Night’s Watch, because as ‘logic’ dictates, if he has the hair, he has the role, which means that Jon Snow may not be dead and could possibly return in season six. Right?

Guess who’s back, back again?
It’s Bran! You remember Bran – that loveable wee scamp who made friends with a tree beyond the wall and was never heard from again. Well, actor Isaac Hempstead Wright has confirmed that he will be back playing Bran for season six, so we know there’s plenty of beyond-the-wall action to come.

But Ned’s still dead, right?
Yes, he is. However, some fans believe he might return in flashback form next season, and let’s face it, it’d be nice to see Sean Bean again. The rumours started following a recent casting call for an unnamed ‘legendary fighter’, which asked for ‘a man in his thirties or forties who is a great swordsman and a paragon of knighthood’. Some have speculated that this refers to Ser Arthur Dayne who, as it happens, is dead (isn’t everyone in the series now?) He was alive, however, in Ned Stark’s day. C’mon HBO, bring back Eddard, even if it’s just for a hazy, memory-filled scene or two.

So, what else can we learn from casting calls?
Well, some fans have had a good ol’ look at the casting calls and speculated that they are filling the roles of wee Rickon Stark, Theon’s uncle Euron Greyjoy and Sam’s father, Randyll Tarly. Could Sansa reunite with Rickon? Could Theon reunite with his uncle and remember who he is? Will Sam and his papa finally see eye to eye?

Anything else?

Yes. This fella, Sam Coleman has been cast. But we’re not sure for which role yet. Sorry.

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