Album review: Urvanovic – Amateurs

Celtic folk meets angstful rock

If Idlewild hadn’t reconvened this year, Edinburgh eleven-piece Urvanovic (the brainchild of singer-songwriter Tom Irvine) could stake a claim to a significant portion of their ‘young Celtic folkies meet angstful rockers’ territory. They incorporate fuzzy alt-rock on opener ‘Open Ground’ and swooning, symphonic harmonies on ‘Onomatophobia’ and ‘The Worry Trail’, although there’s more of an orchestral element throughout, and a lovely interplay between male and female vocals.

The 13th Note, Glasgow, Tue 9 Jun; Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, Fri 12 Jun; Love Music, Glasgow, Sun 13 Jun; Kelburn Garden Party, Largs, Sat 4 Jul.

Urvanovic: Amateurs on Bandcamp

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