Glasgow's fabled nightclub The Arches to close after operating hours cut?

Licensing board choose the nuclear option over beloved club, venue survival in danger

According to reports, the Arches club is facing closure, following fears raised by police over drugs and disorder.

The licensing board reportedly ruled to restrict operating hours at the club, which is attached to the famous Glasgow arts venue. Questions were raised over the future of the club in March of this year, when a woman was found collapsed outside the venue.

Police Scotland tried to have the venue closed at the time, though the licensing board found that the bid to close it was 'unlawful'. The licensing board then held another review of the nightclub and arts venue on Friday, and it was reportedly ruled that the nightclub element of the premises would have to be closed at midnight, which would effectively mean the end of the nightclub as we know it.

It is now feared that the prestigious arts venue attached to the club will not survive.

Mark Anderson, executive director of the Arches, is quoted in the Herald: 'We are obviously very disappointed with today's outcome. We will now have to consider our options but the impact of this decision may well result in the closure of one of Europe's most highly regarded arts venues and a key contributor to Glasgow's night time economy.

'It's not only a bad day for the Arches but the portents don't look look good for the wider licensed trade.'

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