The Hot 100 2014: 100-91

Sophia George, Richard Youngs and Carina Contini among Scotland's hottest cultural contributors in 2014

100 Judy Murray

Hot 100 2014: 100-91

Mrs Murray’s step into the limelight on Strictly Come Dancing took the heat off her son in a year in which he faltered on the court. Pleasingly, her longevity also put to bed spiteful chatter that Andy’s referendum stance would see her drummed out in week one. (David Pollock)

99 Ashleigh Gray

Hot 100 2014: 100-91

Ashleigh Gray in Wicked From the West Lothian village of Newtongrange to the West End stage, Ashleigh Gray is fast becoming one of Britain’s brightest theatre stars. Having supported Susan Boyle on tour and duetted with John Barrowman, she’s currently playing the lead role in Wicked. (Kelly Apter)

98 Sophia George

Hot 100 2014: 100-91

credit: Victoria and Albert Museum, London It’s been a busy few years for Dundee-based game designer Sophia George. The 24-year-old Abertay graduate won a BAFTA for her first game, Tick Tock Toys (IOS), in 2012 before being named a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit in 2013. In March this year, she completed her residency as the V&A’s first ever game designer in residence and in October released Strawberry Thief, an iPad game based on the work of textile designer William Morris, which she researched at the London gallery.

Now, she’s teaching game design at primary schools in Dundee, the new UNESCO City of Design that’s being steadily transformed as the new V&A Dundee museum establishes its presence before its slated opening in 2017. ‘Dundee has a rich heritage, a rich history in games,’ George says. ‘DMA Design [now Rockstar North] was around in the 1990s and made Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings. Now some of the Minecraft games are being made here [by 4J Studios], and there are lots of start-up studios. There is a really great community of game developers here.’

George grew up playing Super Mario Brothers and Pokémon, and – although the videogames industry remains male-dominated – has always felt supported by her fellow developers. Moreover, she feels like the world at large is beginning to take video games more seriously. ‘Games are becoming more popular,’ she explains. ‘People have smartphones and tablets; everybody is playing games now, even if it’s just Candy Crush. Maybe people are also starting to see how much money there is in these games nowadays. When I was younger and I said I wanted to be a game designer, people didn’t think that it was a real job. But they are definitely more interested now.’ (Yasmin Sulaiman)

97 Carina Contini

Hot 100 2014: 100-91

After ten years on the scene, Carina Contini and husband Victor rebranded and expanded their George Street restaurant and National Gallery café with the multi-tiered Cannonball, mixing Scots-Italian food in an impressive restaurant with matching views. Carina also found time to write her Kitchen Garden Cookbook. (Jay Thundercliffe)

96 La Belle Angèle

Hot 100 2014: 100-91

image: Annie Mac Some 12 years in the making since the original tragically burned down, La Belle Angèle finally reopened in the same spot on Edinburgh’s Cowgate, a sizeable and modern venue of the kind the city badly needs. Nightvision’s club programme, which recently hosted Annie Mac Presents, has packed the autumn bill and gigs are expected next year. (David Pollock)

95 Niall Campbell

Hot 100 2014: 100-91

In 2014, Niall Campbell’s hypnotic debut collection Moontide, was shortlisted for the Forward Prize, won the Saltire Society First Book of the Year award and scooped the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award. Not a bad haul. As well as getting a spot on the Hot 100, who’s to say he shouldn’t be dubbed poet of the year as well? (Yasmin Sulaiman)

94 Rockstar North

Hot 100 2014: 100-91

image: GTA V Last year’s number one and Edinburgh’s videogame superstars have continued to expand the online world of Grand Theft Auto V. They also remastered the game for the next gen consoles and collected a well-deserved Scottish BAFTA for their troubles. (Henry Northmore)

93 Glasgow Open House

Hot 100 2014: 100-91

Recent graduates from the Glasgow School of Art launched the Glasgow Open House and brought together the work of 80 emerging and established artists in 32 venues across the city. Artists exhibited in their bathrooms, basements and garden sheds, others staged shows in community centres, wastelands and disused buildings. (Rachael Cloughton)

92 Screenplay

Hot 100 2014: 100-91

image: Mark Kermode Movie critics Linda Ruth Williams and Mark Kermode curate the UK’s most northerly film festival, Screenplay. Led by director Kathy Hubbard, Shetland Arts’ annual event has a distinct, local flavour, with screenings of films about Shetland and by Shetlanders programmed alongside international film and work from award-winning directors. (Rachael Cloughton)

91 Richard Youngs

Hot 100 2014: 100-91

A genuine underground hero, Richard Youngs’ prolific output spans psychedelic folk, electronics and ‘teeters on the brink of music’. Recent exploits include his first orchestral piece and the Flexibles, a punk band starring his eight-year-old son. (Stewart Smith)

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