Where Are You, Dundee?: Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre announce new collective art project

The artwork will encourage communities across the city to engage in weekly creative tasks and stay connected to one another as the lockdown continues

As we continue to adapt to the 'new normal' imposed on us by the ongoing lockdown measures, Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre are devising new ways to keep communities together through their new collaborative art project, titled Where Are You, Dundee? Undaunted by the closure of their venues and studios, the organisations are working together to engage their audiences in their own homes through a weekly series of creative tasks.

Using both online and offline methods, participants will be encouraged to share their feelings and experiences during this surreal time, contributing to a work of art that will exemplify the city's unique spirit and the individual lives that call it home. Organisers are particularly keen for the project to reach those who have been left isolated or vulnerable during the lockdown, re-affirming Dundee's strong network of support and offering encouragement to those who are in need. More information will be available on the organisations' websites and social media platforms over the coming weeks.

In a joint statement, Andrew Panton, Joint-Chief Executive and Artistic Director of Dundee Rep, and Joan Clevillé, Artistic Director of Scottish Dance Theatre, said: 'When we were thinking about our artistic response over this period, we were really keen to involve our audiences and make sure they were involved in the choices we make. We asked ourselves, "What is a theatre and dance company when our building is closed and we can't be in the same physical spaces as our audiences and participants?"

Where Are You, Dundee? is a conversation that will take place both online and offline. It is a provocation and an invitation to find creativity in everyday life, to collect positive action and stimulate engagement across different generations. We can't wait to see people's responses and build this artwork together!'

Visit dundeerep.co.uk for updates and information on how you can get involved.

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