Empowering performance art exploring female sexual identity, staged at the Edinburgh Fringe

Sister is a bold autobiographical performance told by sisters Amy and Rosana Cade as they explore issues of female sexual identity, sexual expression and choice. The show is frank and revealing both emotionally and physically; the sisters start the show with a well choreographed strip tease lap dance in which they shed not just their clothes but also their shoes, wigs and make up.

Naked, they introduce themselves as Amy the sex worker and Rosana the lesbian and recount stories of their shared childhood and individual sexual experiences. Their stories are funny, inspirational and sad in turn as both women have experienced feeling marginalised and misunderstood.

Amy has worked in adult films, as an escort and as a stripper. Hers is the rarely voiced opinion of someone who makes money from sex through choice. Not only is it a relevant contribution to current debate but it also challenges the popular preconceptions about female sex workers.

Choice is central to the show, they have chosen to share their naked bodies with the audience and this along with the sisters’ genuine love, admiration and acceptance of each other’s choices is incredibly empowering.

Summerhall, 560 1581, until 24 Aug (not 12, 19), 8.15pm, £13 (£11).

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