Crate Digging: Stephen Marshall from Moon Hop

The resident at the world music dance party gives us a peek inside his record bag

Brought to you by some of the folks behind the FOUND collective (namely Ziggy Campbell and Kev Sim), with a little help from their friends (namely Stephen Marshall and his giant record collection), Moon Hop is a monthly dance party, forward slash, live band night. Expect African cosmic synths, 1960s Thai pop and the DJs doing air keyboards to Ndraman Blintch.

Moon Hop DJ Stephen Marshall gives us five tracks from his genre-defying collection, that he reckons sums up what the Hop is all about …

Safet Isovic – 'Mujo Kuje Konja Po Mjesecu'

This is a lovely piece of Serbian folk with heavy drums and cosmic noises, released to coincide with the moon landings in 1969. It makes folk dance then stop, then dance again.

Fadaul – 'Sid Redad'

An amazing Moroccan version of James Brown. Wild throaty stuff. I'll be playing this for the first time soon …

Altafini – 'xaropao'

We play a lot of African and Brazilian stuff but this is a piece of Brazilian protest pop with amazing drums and a bit of fuzz.

Hermanos Cortez – 'La Locura De Los Hippis'

The madness of the hippies brought to life with a skronky guitar and harsh drums. I only recently found out there was an LP version.

[Sadly we couldn't find 'La Locura de los Hippis' online – here's another Hermanos Cortez track, 'Suenan los Tambores'.]

Steve Monite - 'Only You (Disco Jam)'

I love this record so much that I only listen to it once a month at the Hop. I tend not to play anything recorded after 1983 'cos Steve ended it all with this piece.

The next Moon Hop takes place on Fri 30 May, at The Rowantree, Edinburgh, with guests Withered Hand, Meursault, CARBS and Lomond Campbell all playing live, plus sets from the Moon Hop resident DJs.

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