Exposure: dream-pop trio Magic Eye

The band, who have links with Errors and NAKED, have signed with LA DIY label Not Not Fun

This haze-addled Edinburgh dream-pop trio are easy to love, and to (lose) focus on. Formed a couple of years ago, and currently under the jurisdiction of Los Angeles DIY paradise Not Not Fun, Magic Eye channel a day-glo fug of exotica, as attested by their wondrous EP 'Babylon'.

Hello, Magic Eye. To whom do we owe this mystical pleasure?
AJ: 'Alex Johnston (guitar / programming), Bek Oliva (guitar / vocals) and Roma Galloway (vocals) – we got together as we all lived in the same house. Musically, we like a lot of things – when we were starting to write, we liked The Durutti Column's LC album. More recently I've been into Aphex Twin, Evian Christ and Mika Vainio.'

The heavenly tones of Bek Oliva also feature on a brilliant 2012 Errors collaboration...
'Yeah, Errors emailed us about singing on 'Relics' which we were totally into. You can hear it on their album New Relics.'

You've previously released music on Edinburgh's ace Song, By Toad and Animal Image Search, but how did the LA / Not Not Fun association come about?
'We sent them some songs and they were into them! We couldn't believe they would ever release something of ours.'

What's coming up for Magic Eye?
'We're organising some European dates with Sapphire Slows, who's also on Not Not Fun. We're going to put up some songs that we didn't think fitted 'Babylon'. I've also just finished an album with my group NAKED – it's sort of Japanese night music.'

Babylon is out now via Not Not Fun.

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