Los Siquicos Litoraleños - Sonido Chipadelico

Riotously odd psychedelic gloop from Corrientes, Argentina

Riotously odd psychedelic gloop from Corrientes, Argentina. The instigators of Chipadelia, Los Siquicos Litoraleños (The Psychics of Litoral) have their collective third eye wide open. Drinking from the same demented currents as Os Mutantes, Faust and underground crackpots like Butthole Surfers and Sun City Girls, Los Siquicos offer an inspired mess of fuzz-damaged cumbia, lost-in-a-wormhole vocals, space noise and tangled tape. ‘Cinta Planeteria’ opens like the Tardis dematerialising in the Argentinian jungle, the damp heat sending its controls haywire in a Radiophonic storm of throbbing oscillators and modular bleeps. Out march our heroes, stomping around like a wobbly Jefferson Airplane. Burrowing into weirder subterranean strata, ‘Cachaka Espejo’ oozes with backward organ and ectoplasmic percussion, while some Beefheartian madman rants down the corridor. ‘Chipá Chiriri’ is wonky chipmunk folk, while ‘Gran Carrancho Guazú’ is a cosmic reverie of droned-out vocal loops and Alice Coltrane harp. A trip.

LOS SIQUICOS LITORALEÑOS - "Cinta Planeteria" (Planetary Ribbon) Video Clip.

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