Broken Records - Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, Thu 8 Aug 2013

Haddow on the Fringe gig reinforces the Scottish rock group's popularity on home turf

As Edinburgh’s Broken Records take to the stage, the temperature goes up a notch as the intimate venue reaching capacity. The guys plough through a setlist that contains new material from their up-and-coming third studio album and more familiar songs. The crowd, which contains The 10:04s drummer, Paul Haddow (who’s name was used for the mini-festival, Haddow on the Fringe, which this gig was part of), appear to take to the new material. However, they are in their element by the time more recognisable songs such as ‘A Darkness Rises Up’ and ‘You Know You’re Not Dead’ were sung. Throughout, violin and trumpet work perfectly in complementing the other instruments and vocals of this rock n roll band, as well as helping them to keep their Scottish identity. Broken Records know how to put on a show – as proved when the crowd let out a collective groan as they announced it was time for their last song of the night, ‘All Else Can Just Wait’.

24 Hours with Broken Records in Paris

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