Crate Digging: Affi Koman

The Sunday Circus resident and producer gives us his Top 5 tunes of the moment ahead of his appearance at

Launching earlier this month with a promise of ‘golden parties for golden people’, Stay Gold returns this weekend with house and tech loving Glasgow duo, Sunday Circus. We catch up with resident Affi Koman to get a snapshot of his current favourites.

Ben Hoo ‘Run of Sevens (Stefan Cordery Remix)’

A sublime proggy/techno track - doesn't get much better than this for me.

Craig Richards ‘Sleeping Rough’

(The Nothing Special)
Heard this for the first time (as many others did) at the start of Craig's Boiler Room set. I can't think of anything quite like it out there at the moment - reminds me of the minimal techno of yesteryear, when every track was fresh and exciting.

Ride Committee ‘Guess Who featuring Roxy (Justin Drake Remix)’

(Batty Bass)
Very hypnotic with some weird vocal effects thrown in for good measure - well done Justin, you beast.

Isolee ‘Allowance’

An outstanding piece of electronica. I've had the melody stuck in my head for days, but it never gets boring.

Tomas More ‘The Day I Spoke (Sid Le Rock's Soft Spoken Remix)’

(My Favourite Robot Records)
Play this and get wasted.

Stay Gold, Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Sun 18 Aug.

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