Fuaim is Solas - Douglas Robertson Photography, Edinburgh, Thu 4 Apr 2013

Film and live music combine at event from Screen Bandita collective

With the location shrouded in mystery until the last minute, those who sought out film collective Screen Bandita’s intriguing Fuaim is Solas joined a winsome crowd on stools and scatter cushions. Hypnotic mastery from singer/songwriter Gareth Dickson set a wonderstruck tone, disseminating chatter with breathy vocals. Then followed Lau accordionist Martin Green, harpist Una Monaghan and composer Tim Matthew behind a gossamer sheet screen. Synergising their soundtrack to the click and whirr of dual projectors, resuscitated 16mm film wove a nuanced and emotive journey on screen. Shorts included Forth Rail Bridge construction, pastoral tribes and lithe gymnasts, and a Technicolor film of sealife. Sonic samples – whistling, an ocean gush – echoed visual themes, while harp strings were woeful, and powerful accordion bellows disquieting. Climaxing with a surreal, bright kaleidoscope, the mesmerising music built to a frenetic crescendo.

Absorbing, thought-provoking and beautiful, Fuaim is Solas proved well deserved of its extended applause.

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