Dixie Whittington: The Hamecoming

Usual satirical shenanigans from the Oran Mor team

It's Dick Whittington, but not as we know it. Morag Fullarton's Partick-based take on the classic London tale is of course the usual cocktail of whimsy, filth and political barbs, featuring a great cast, some 'weel-kent' songs with a Glasgow flavour. from John Kielty, and choreography from Darren Brownlie.

Plucky Dixie (Amy Scott) is off to seek her fortune and return to her Granny (a brilliantly foul-mouthed Craig McLean, who delights in multiple, faux-naive roles) as thanks to an unscrupulous landlord, she will be turfed out for Christmas (oh, no, you know she won't though, not in Pantoland).

First, she has to battle the nefarious captain Cut-Thrapple, terror of the high seas (Clare Waugh, on blazing form) and potentially find romance with Inveraray Jones (a campy Kielty) a riotous but inept action hero-type, prone to throwing cats around and making grand pronouncements about his alleged virility.

Dave Anderson provides the usual comic exasperation and expert ad-libs as voluptuous hottie Dame Dora Dumplin', and of course Boris et al get it in the neck from everyone (typical line: 'Why did the chicken cross the road? To avoid talking to Andrew Neil').

But above all the usual panto tropes being wheeled out, there's a welcome acknowledgment of a shifting UK, with references to trans pronouns and the rise of the SNP in the most recent election. It's all presented with a wee nod to the traditional, and (snow) balls to sentimentality. Let's laugh, sing, and get silly, while we still can.

Oran Mor, Glasgow, until Sat 28 Dec.

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