Corin Roddick of Purity Ring explains the band's artistic processes

The duo are set to play Nice'n'Sleazy with cut'n'paste artist Doldrums

Montreal-based Corin Roddick started making gothy synth-pop with singer Megan James two years ago, and they brought out debut album, Shrines, this summer. He tells The List more, starting with their name …

‘I guess it’s not such a big thing in the UK, or even Canada, but we’re named after those abstinence rings people wear. Like True Love Waits? We’ve had some pretty weird stuff posted on our Facebook, from people who think we’re part of the movement, and thanking us for spreading the word. I guess we were asking for that.’

You and Megan both write the songs – who does what?
‘I start by messing around on my laptop and synths. When I’ve got a 3 or 4 minute instrumental piece I’m happy with, I’ll send it to Megan. She has all these journals and notebooks full of poems and lyrics, so she’ll add words, and send back a version with her singing. I rarely ask what her lyrics are about. I get the feeling, and the emotion, and I’m content with that. I don’t want to go too deep, or analyse them.’

What were you doing before Purity Ring?
‘I worked in a recording studio, doing production work for other artists. It was better than flipping burgers, but it was still other people’s music, and not mine.’

What do you do when you have time off?
‘I make more music! I like finding new music too. Putting yourself in a
bubble and not listening to other people’s music can make things get stagnant. Besides music, I like to be outside, hanging out, eating good food from good bakeries in Montreal …’

Any other Montreal artists you’d recommend?
Blue Hawaii – the singer from Braids’ more poppy, electronic solo project. Or Doldrums, he’s touring with us. He takes all these bits of pop culture, cuts it up, makes this really frantic, disorientating and overwhelming thing with it, and forces it down your throat – but in a really charming way!’

Purity Ring play Stereo, Glasgow, Tue 27 Nov.

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