Gordon McLean - No More Heroes

A derivative but darkly diverting comic

One night, as he sits around drinking with some friends, Sid Millar receives a text message. It reads: ‘Should I kill myself?’ Egged on by his mates he texts back: ‘Yes’. The next day legendary superhero Dark Justice is found dead with the phone that sent Sid the message on the floor next to him. This is the beginning of a merciless and violent descent into the crime underworld for the guilt-ridden and decidedly average Sid. He’s kidnapped by Dark Justice’s sidekick Black Fury and brought face to face with the vilest of all super villains: Jack Slaughter.

Gordon McLean’s derivative but darkly diverting comic is a genuine page turner. Taking his narrative lead from the likes of Garth Ennis and Frank Miller, McLean certainly understands pace and build and the enduring power of flashback. The humour and violence of his sick tale is matched by Caio Oliveira’s excellent, simple but highly effective artwork. Oliveira draws out the elemental darkness at the heart of McLean’s tale of revenge, retribution and superhero meltdown. With friends and heroes like this lot you certainly don’t need enemies. No More Heroes was a worthy winner of the Best Comic category at the 2012 Scottish Independent Comic Books Awards, proving that McLean really is a talent to watch.

Find out more about where to find or download this comic by visiting the No More Heroes blog and Facebook page.

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