Archive of John Peel radio shows to stream and download

Soundcloud user's personal collection of radio recordings

A Soundcloud user's personal collection of recordings of the John Peel Show has been gaining listeners as word spreads of its existence. This particular collection has many complete shows from between 2001 - 2004, but also stretches back to recordings of the Perfumed Garden show in 1967.

The BBC Radio 1 DJ gained a committed and obsessive audience during a 40-year-long BBC broadcasting career, cut short by his death in 2004. John Peel is best known for successfully championing new music, an uncompromising approach to broadcasting and for a wide-ranging taste that could include music of any genre or origin.

Recordings of his radio shows have always been circulated, and this is now becoming easier as the internet develops. The most interesting aspect of this phenomena is to consider how few other DJs' historic radio shows would be considered worthwhile listening.

The one year anniversary of his death was marked by an official John Peel Day on 13 October 2005. Since then, unofficial events take place around the date. The 'New Bands' stage at Glastonbury festival has also been renamed to The John Peel stage.

Update: the set containing all the John Peel shows has now been removed. However the individual shows remain online.

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