Eyes in the Water

Enjoyable group show of work from up-and-coming artists

Gael Fisher is a recent finalist on the BBC's Show Me the Monet, but her work is far removed from the somewhat dubious endorsement of reality TV. The quirky little space of the Gladstone Gallery is a wonderful introduction to this Edinburgh-born artist's impassioned approach to abstract, portrait and other interpretive figurative painting. Support from the glossy and bold work of Rod Malloch, as well as Chloe Windsor and Lorri Anderson, is an apt complement to the lead exhibitor's loose and evocative style.

Works might be a little haphazardly laid out in the available space, but this is more a limitation of the gallery layout rather than a mishap in curation – although it is hard to differentiate between the works of each artist, other than the inclusion of a subtle initial below each piece. The other confusion is that Fisher's ability (and possible inhibition towards specialisation) leads to production in a variety of styles. There might be a more in-depth or revealing conclusion if the artist were to follow one route consistently (say, figurative or abstract), though another route could be to display each genre in separate events.

Gael professes to have started late in formal art education, but her talent has found direction and an appreciative audience – there is a steady stream of visitors to the gallery. This is well worth a wend up the old stone National Trust staircase – a treasure trove awaits.

Gladstone's Gallery, Royal Mile, 21—26 Aug, 10am—7pm daily, free.

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