Divorce - Divorce

Uncompromising and underpinned by deceptively skilled post-punk rhythms

Hail Divorce, femme-metal overlords (overladies?) of every stage they’ve ever desecrated with their racket. In fairness, this debut album from a Glasgow quartet who have been around the houses with some of the best labels in town could only ever be a disappointment. There’s just no way of capturing the sheer delicious effrontery of their live set, but it’s to everyone’s credit that they’ve given it a good go. The opening ‘Cunts in a Circle’ is a wall of vaguely sculpted feedback, ‘Bill Murray’ and ‘Stabby (Stabby) Stab’ are underpinned by deceptively skilled post-punk rhythms, ‘Coat Your Throat’ is a wave of horror-metal soundtrack ambience and Jennie Fulk’s vocals are vomit-raw throughout. File under ‘uncompromising’.

Album launch party at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, Glasgow, Sat 8 Sep.

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