Neighbourhood Watch: Shawlands, Glasgow

What’s it like?
The unofficial hub of the Southside. Young, bustling and almost completely tenement-bound, packed with pizza places, big bars and some excellent independent shopping, Shawlands also benefits from proximity to the lovely space of Queen’s Park.

Where’s it, like?
It spills out from the southernmost point of Pollokshaws Road, where the Shawlands Cross houses local favourite bar The Granary.

Who’s from there?
Filmmaker Peter Mullan, novelist/musician Rodge Glass and television’s Michelle McManus are all fairly regular sightings.

Why should I go there?
Shawlands is a strange mix of mostly chain or G1-owned bars and restaurants (giant nighttime emporium Tusk bestrides them all, although the neighbouring Waverley Tea Room is a great bar with some upmarket nosh) and almost completely independent boutiques and shops. The List particularly likes Skirving Street, resplendent with some great charity shops, indie boutiques like Butterfly Kisses and the legendary Young’s Interesting Books, one of the few remaining non-chain bookstores in Glasgow. The area around the top of Pollokshaws Road is great for clothes shopping, and the elegant little Pierrot et Coco is a gem of a ‘lifestyle boutique’ in the old coach house on nearby Abbot Street.

Anything else I need to know?
When the sun’s out (don’t laugh), Queen’s Park is absolutely magical, with great views across the city. SoGo magazine, a homegrown publication dedicated to promoting local businesses and artists in the Southside, is a good point of call for more info and can be picked up in almost any shop or café in the Shawlands area.

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