Craig Collins & Iain Laurie - Roachwell

A dark, funny and disturbing achievement in self-published comics


Published online between 2009 and 2010, Roachwell is a fevered and messy collection of obtuse, amusing strips by Scottish writer/artists Craig Collins and Iain Laurie. Cremation and regeneration, house-hunting in the freak zone, modern day press ganging, the iniquities of being a Kate Bush fan and superhero delusion are just some of the various themes they agitate and cogitate upon.

Like that of many of their peers, Collins and Laurie’s comic book world is informed by a vibrant obsession with horror and cult movies, body dysmorphia, madness and perhaps a little coulrophobia (to the uninitiated that’s a morbid fear of clowns). It’s inane, dark and ugly in that way that only self-published comics can be, but it does run the gamut from laugh-out loud funny to quite disturbing to totally incomprehensible, which may just be an achievement in itself.

See and to see what these two mad men are up to at the moment.

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