Samba Sene & Diwan - Remind Me (Fatalima)

Debut album from Edinburgh-based Senegalese musician

(Scary Biscuits Promotions)

With this long awaited debut original songs, Edinburgh based Senegalese musician Samba Sene shows just why he’s an asset to the Scottish scene. With Senegalese musicican Baaba Maal as his mentor, a stellar list of international musicians in his band and guests including Zimbabwean Bhundu Boy Rise Kagona, Sene shifts effortlessly between a host of African styles. His voice soars, pleads, chants, chides, celebrates and grooves over dancing guitar riffs, pattering percussion, fruity brass and keyboards in organ mode with beautiful balafon and ngoni touches. Catch him live if you can.

Samba Sene plays the African Caribbean Centre, Glasgow, Sat 26 Feb.

Samba Sene and Diwan - Yonambi

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