Conquering Animal Sound - Kammerspiel

Compelling and gorgeous debut of eerie and astral electronica from Glasgow duo

(Gizeh / Mini50)

This gorgeous debut from Glasgow duo Conquering Animal Sound is draped in eerie, astral electronica, iridescent guitar ripples and heavenly, disembodied vocals.

Evoking the pastoral machine music of Mice Parade and Múm, and fusing it with DIY pop and measured, gentle, mantra-like lyricism, Kammerspiel is understated yet intense: it becomes increasingly compelling as the album progresses.

The celestial drone and metronomic patter of ‘Tracer’ is spellbinding – Anneke Kampman’s unearthly intones are most effective when laced with glittering strings and percussion – as is the harmonium balladry of ‘Neanderthal’, whose indie-harmonics echo the Breeders and Belly. This is a victorious debut indeed.

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