South Africa's rap/rave Die Antwoord on UK tour promoting $o$ re-release

Blaring synths, pounding beats and South African accents

When a video featuring South African rave/hip-hop crew, Die Antwoord surfaced late last year, a lot of head-scratching ensued. Is this for real? What’s up with their hair? And why is that guy shaking his penis? Whatever you thought of that video and accompanying track ‘Beat Boy’, its collection of deadpan quips and bizarre slow motion visuals, offering a snap shot of ‘Zef’ (read: South African Neddy/ white trash) culture were impossible to forget – this was drummed in even harder with the following, novelty rave-hop/unhinged clips for ‘Enter The Ninja’ and Diplo-produced, ‘Evil Boy’.

Having slogged away in various guises throughout South Africa, Die Antwoord have since confused, entertained and ultimately, caught the attention of millions worldwide through the power of the internet, and now, a world tour. Having managed to get a major-label re-release of their debut album, $o$ (Polydor), they are on their way to the UK.

Ok, but who are they?
Die Antwoord – Afrikaans for ‘the answer’ – consists of MC extraordinaire, Ninja, and his bratty yet bizarrely seductive partner-in-rhyme, Yo-landi Vi$$er, aided by DJ Hi-tek and his ‘next-level’ beats.

What do they sound like?
Blaring, belligerent synths, coupled with deep, pounding beats and helium vocals in thick (sorry *thuck*) SA accents about Xhosa culture and rich bitches. Masterfully dirty, witty and rapid rap flow? Or a joke band we’ll have forgotten by Christmas? Only time will reveal the answer.

Die Antwoord play SWG3, Glasgow, Fri 12 Nov.

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