Five Reasons To See: A Sonic Soak

Musical performance in a disused pool

1. Help to restore historic community baths
Govanhill Baths provided residents of Glasgow’s south side with swimming and washing facilities from 1914 to 2001. Campaigners are hoping to bring the beloved building back into use.

2. Discover the sonic properties of the baths
Sonic Soak sees the main pool transformed into a performance space, with an eclectic range of musicians and sound artists exploring the building’s unique resonance.

3. The speedos of sound
Practise your back stroke* to the sounds of country choir The Parsonage, RememberRemember’s Graeme Ronald, visual artist and electronic producer Konx-Om-Pax, lounge lizards Tut Vu Vu, and DIY flamenco guitar hero RM Hubbert. (*The pool is most definitely empty, incidentally.)

4. In at the deep end
Plunge into the world of improvisation with One Ensemble cellist Peter Nicholson, trombonist George Murray and maker of Heath Robinson-esque musical marvels, Sarah Kenchington.

5. Bring Your Own Towel
It is a pool party, after all. Following Saturday’s event, an ‘after-swim shower party’ will take place around the corner in the Pandora Bar, Victoria Road, featuring demented surf band Sparkling Shadazz and DJs.

Free tickets from Govanhill Baths Community Trust/ Centre for Community Practice
Govanhill Baths, Calder Street, Glasgow Sat 21–Sun 22 August.

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