Charmingly surreal show for toddlers

Catering to the attention spans of fidgety toddlers while also offering value for money, this 35-minute show actually begins in the garden outside – where there’s a host of white objects to talk and think about – and ends with time for chat and play with the two actors.

The star of White is undoubtedly the set, made by the expert hand of puppeteer Shona Reppe. With suspense suitably built up, an usher sweeps aside a curtain, revealing a tantalising and rather magical, white world. It’s very beautiful, full of little surprises and clever effects, although possibly too intricate for little ones to really grasp the detail.

But it seems that doesn’t matter: this is certainly stimulating stuff, and while the laughs at the visual jokes come mainly from the grown-ups, White is a captivating enough experience to silence even the criers, and it’s some very thoughtful toddlers who leave the theatre, having been delighted by a lovely (and colourful!) finale.

Traverse @ Scottish Book Trust, 228 1404, until 29 Aug (not 14–16, 23), 10.30am & 1.30pm, £6 (£5).

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