Jarred Christmas and Hobbit: The Mighty Kids Beatbox Comedy Show

Fun show for children of all ages

Who knew comedy and beatboxing went so well together? Evidently Jarred Christmas and Hobbit did, because this fun show for children of all ages (and their grown-ups) fuses the two seamlessly.

Christmas (as seen on your small screen on the CBBC channel) is the funny man here (no offence, Hobbit) and has us laughing from the moment we sit down. Scripted though it clearly is, the whole show has an off-the-cuff vibe. Which means the ad-libs born from audience engagement feel as natural as the planned moments.

Hobbit, meanwhile, is wowing us with his ability to create music with his mouth, a mic and a loop station. Oh, and us. Recording keywords and phrases from the crowd, he mixes the 'song of the day' (incorporating the word 'bum', obviously).

Audience interaction is a key component throughout, but everyone's contribution is treasured and applauded. There's no humiliation to be had here, just encouragement and fun. From children counting out loud in a foreign language of their choice, to dad's joining Christmas in a hilarious slow motion walk across the stage, we're part of the gang from start to finish.

Assembly Rooms, until 24 Aug, 3.50pm, £11 (£10).

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