Zed Event's new iCombat laser tag 'is video gaming for real'

A new immersive combat and scare attraction experience comes to Glasgow's Argyle Street Arches

Remember Glasgow's Alien Wars? If you were a fan of being scared in the late 90s, there's a good chance that you paid a visit to the total reality game that took place at the Arches. Or maybe you're familiar with the Zombie Shopping Mall Experience in Reading that took place in an abandoned shopping centre, went instantly viral, and sold out an entire year in its first month. Well, the creative mind who was involved in both, Lee Fields, is coming back to Glasgow with his Zed Events scare attraction company. This spring the company launches its brand new 'iCombat' laser tag in the Argyle Street Arches.

'I'd always wanted to do something in Glasgow,' says Lee, Director of Zed Events. 'But then the Arches closed and I was always busy doing things down south. It was good timing that the chaps who got the building wanted to reinvent it at the same time I came back to the city – the idea progressed from there'.

The interactive game is based on super-advanced weapon simulations. It allows each player to wield a state-of-the-art M4 assault rifle that feels true to life, featuring realistic sounds, recoil, muzzle flashes and hit detection – without anything actually being fired. 'This is video gaming for real. It'll be like playing Call of Duty, all the missions, scenarios and use of props,' comments Lee.

However, it's not just a case of running around and shooting your team to win points. The team also use movie quality special effects and props to immerse players. 'It's about the objectives and unfolding bits of stories. The game will move into theme nights where you have the same scenarios but a different setting. You may have stories with science fiction characters, or a group of survivors fighting over supplies when a zombie comes in. Or it will be post-apocalyptic wastelanders – we've got costumes that have been designed by the guys who've worked for the BBC and Doctor Who.'

The project will be one that constantly evolves and will eventually add in horror experiences where participants can interact with characters on foot and be propelled through a story as you would in a theme park. 'It'll be like a gig space or a traditional theatre space where you'll see a poster and there will be dates on it for blocks of different things happening throughout the month. So for people who are fans of classic horror, there will be events happening for them, then iCombat on certain nights – just a really vibrant, constantly evolving events space for interactive combat theatre.'

Zed Events iCombat Game runs Thu--Sun at the Argyle Street Arches. To book or for more information go to, zedevents.co.uk

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