The Whirlybird

Ecological theatre for wee ones and their families

Eco Drama's delightful show for kids aged 3-7, and their families, teaches wee ones to share lunch (birdseed and worms) and all about respecting nature, respecting each other, and finding the path to self actualisation. It's a lovely way to bring environmental issues to children, and make them consider the birds in their garden in an entirely different context. The two performers (Caroline Mathison and Beth Kovarik) are charming and versatile, whether singing, clowning, tickling toes, or doing funky routines: one bum wiggly dance in particular makes the youngsters in the audience chuckle.

The Whirlybird (Mathison) a little robin, wants to learn how she can fly, just like her best friend who can, and easily. Perhaps a seed that she's found will provide the answer to her problem, before she's left all alone. Her endearing character slips from hilarity to pathos with ease, and keeps the children transfixed. Kovarik's little yellow bird is more mischievous and confident, but never gives up believing in her less self-assured pal. They trill, chirrup, coo and caw to each other, yet every single sound is understood by all.

The message of collaboration is never unsubtle, and at roughly half an hour long, it's paced just right for short attention spans.

With a colourful, autumnal set festooned with pine cones, a birdhouse, feathers and toadstool and gorgeous wee puppets, both designed by Claire Halleran and featuring magical music from composer Greg Sinclair, it is sure to fly further afield, soar, and keep going.

Reviewed at Platform, Glasgow.

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