Comedy Newbie Q&A: Vidura Bandara Rajapaska

Attribution/author:Article by: Brian Donaldson
Publish date: 5 August 2022

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The 2022 Edinburgh Fringe is with us now and we continue to throw some questions at a comedy debutant

This Q&A is compiled by Vidura Bandara Rajapaksa

What’s the best bit of advice you’ve been ever been given from a seasoned comic?  

I feel as though I learned early on that just about any advice from other comics is, with few exceptions, almost entirely useless. At least for me. I think with stand-up being as individualistic an artform as it is, even the things people told me early on from a place of more experience weren’t able to be put into practice until I learned the same lesson myself. And then in hindsight I might remember that I was forewarned about it. 

And what has proved to be the least useful?  

Same as above, and to elaborate further, I already have the audience to immediately let me know what to do and what not to, so the usual need for feedback from colleagues or peers that is found in other artforms isn’t as crucial in stand-up, I feel. 

Is there one thing that keeps cropping up when people talk to you about Edinburgh in August?  

The expense.  

What’s your favourite word that begins in ‘e’?  


Is there one act you absolutely HAVE to see in August? And why?  

No one comes to mind ahead of time but I’m looking forward to exploring the Festival and seeing what I find.  

No reason to use a bigger word when a simpler one gets the job done

Picture yourself in early September: what would constitute a successful Fringe for you?  

Trying my best not to focus at all on the outcome of it and just put on a good show for the run and enjoy myself. 

What percentage of your early stand-up performances is likely to appear in your Fringe debut?  

Nothing from the first two years. All-in-all probably about 30%. 

Which other new comedian do you feel a special kinship with? And do you reckon it’s reciprocated?  

There are a couple, Frances Keyton and Nalin Dissanayake, whom I've grown very close to since I moved to the UK. Big fans of them both and can’t wait to see them debut in a year or two. 

Which side of your family do you get your funny bones from?  


What will you do to keep fit and healthy (relatively speaking) during August?  

Will be working half days every morning for my day-job so that will hopefully force me to keep my nights out in check to some extent.

Which word of six letters or more will crop up the most in your Edinburgh show?

None. No reason to use a bigger word when a smaller, simpler, more widely understood one gets the job done.

Vidura Bandara Rajapaksa: Monsoon Season, Monkey Barrel, until 28 August, 1.55pm.

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