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Publish date: 5 August 2022

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The Edinburgh Fringe is right here, right now, and yet we’re still throwing some questions at a bunch of comedy debutants

Having a good old go at the Q&A is Sikisa.

What’s the best bit of advice you’ve been ever been given from a seasoned comic?

Barry Ferns (who is one of the founders of Angel Comedy) told me that when you’re compering a show, your job is to not be the star of the show but make sure the room is set up for comedy. He also told me that when you’re doing audience interactions just be honest and say the first thing that comes to your head. It may be funny, it may not, but it doesn’t matter. And that is something that I have taken on board and so far has worked. 

And what has proved to be the least useful?

When older male comics tell me that I shouldn’t talk about sex or dating because I am a woman. I like to talk about my experiences, and sex and dating is one of them. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to talk about them; let’s just move on from that concept. If a joke is funny and people laugh, that is the most important thing. 

Is there one thing that keeps cropping up when people talk to you about Edinburgh in August?

Normally the first question is ‘how you feeling about Edinburgh?’ which is a question which has several options because I have some different emotions about Edinburgh. I feel excited, I feel nervous, I feel anxious, but mostly I feel proud of my myself. I didn’t think when I started stand-up that I would have had all these amazing opportunities AND then to be able to perform in Edinburgh. 

What’s your favourite word that begins in ‘e’? 

‘Energy’. I’m all about positive energy on the stage, especially because I think if the audience accepts your energy regardless of what form it’s in, they will throw it back to the performer and everyone will have an amazing night filled with laughter.

Is there one act you absolutely HAVE to see in August?

Sindhu Vee. I have not seen her award-nominated show and she is doing it in Edinburgh for what I assume is the last time. While I know I can watch it on Amazon, being able to hear it in person would be amazing. She is so funny and easy to listen to. 

Those jokes are locked away in a cupboard hopefully to never be heard again

Picture yourself in early September: what would constitute a successful Fringe for you? 

For me a successful Fringe would be one that I am happy with. To know that I went out every day and performed for an hour and made audiences laugh. I would also hope in early September that I am in hibernation.

What percentage of your early stand-up performances is likely to appear in your Fringe debut? 

If we are talking when I first started stand-up than 0%; those jokes are locked away in a cupboard hopefully to never be heard again. I think the last few years especially I have grown and evolved as a comedian and I hope it will be represented in my show. 

Which other new comedian do you feel a special kinship with? And do you reckon it’s reciprocated? 

Sarah Mills is also debuting this year and we more or less started around the same time. However, not only is she a great female comic who’s talking about things that are important and essential regarding invisible disabilities, she is also a good friend. As we’re debuting together at The Pleasance, it has been great to be able to support each other on this journey with the highs, lows and nerves. 

Which side of your family do you get your funny bones from? 

My parents aren’t funny. I’m kidding. It’s probably more so my dad; we have a banter type relationship where he doesn’t take things that seriously (until the tone of his voice changes), whereas my mother is more of a reserved character. However, my mum comes out with some random things at the most random times that are always funny. One of her favourite words is one of the rude ones and you will never expect it from my mum, but whenever she says it, I laugh so much. 

What will you do to keep fit and healthy (relatively speaking) during August?

Well for the third year, I’m residing with five other comedians in a flat. However, this flat is on the eighth floor with no lift, so my thighs are going to be amazing this year. I also think just surrounding myself with good people is always great for my mental health. 

Which word of six letters or more will crop up the most in your Edinburgh show? 


Sikisa: Life Of The Party, Pleasance Courtyard, until 28 August, 8.25pm.

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