Song, By Toad kick off their 10th birthday celebrations at Solas Festival

Edinburgh record label's birthday showcase will feature Siobhan Wilson, Adam Stafford and Jonnie Common

Ten years after Matthew Young converted the music blog he ran in his spare time into a record label, it seems reasonable to wonder if he ever expected to make it this far. 'I never even expected to start a label,' he says, 'but once I started I didn't give up, because I'm a stubborn bastard. I just had some talented pals in the Edinburgh music scene at the time, and I wanted to help them get some publicity. It became a label so fast that I just had to run with it.'

He ran with it so fast, in fact, that two years later he quit his job as a medical device design engineer and went full-time with Song, By Toad, the label he founded. Initially toying with the idea of issuing Broken Records' first album if they couldn't get a deal (they eventually signed with 4AD), it was Neil Pennycook's Meursault which brought the label much of its earliest attention; the success of his 2010 second album All Creatures Will Make Merry, in fact, was the catalyst for Young going full-time.

Later successes included Sparrow and the Workshop and David Thomas Broughton, with further recorded cameos by artists including eagleowl, King Creosote, Naked, Paws and Rob St John. 'In 2012 we recorded a split 12-inch at Inshriach House in Aviemore,' says Young, 'which ended up becoming the heartbeat of the label; David Thomas Broughton, Siobhan Wilson, Adam Stafford and Jonnie Common were the four artists on it. They were a weird mix of sounds to put together, a blend of pop and something more experimental, and they're the mainstays of the record label now.'

Although Broughton lives in South Korea at the moment, the other three will be appearing at the Solas festival in Perthshire in June, at the first of a number of special Song, By Toad 10th anniversary events. More events will be happening later in the year in Edinburgh, London and back at Inshriach House, of which we'll have more news closer to the time.

Song, By Toad Records present Siobhan Wilson, Adam Stafford and Jonnie Common as part of their 10th birthday celebrations at the Solas festival at the Bield in Blackruthven, Perthshire, Sat 23 Jun. The full line-ups for their events in the autumn will be announced at a later date.

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