5 of the best recipe box subscription services to try during lockdown

Each service offers its own twist on the subscribe, select, receive and cook format

The recipe box revolution is in full swing and folk are switching out uninspired evening meals — like that same old stir fry — for fresh, high-quality ingredients and foolproof recipes delivered right to the door. Recipe box subscription services allow you to curate inspiring and varied (and most often healthy) weekly, bi-monthly or monthly menus to cook at home.

The big names in the biz may seem similar but from experience, we've found each service offers its own twist on the subscribe, select, receive and cook format. The dish choices and ingredients alone differ wildly as brands veer subscribers towards trying out world cuisines or working towards more mindful mealtimes. Whether you're looking to receive every ingredient neatly measured out or to buy the groceries yourself to be mixed in with handy spice pots, there is a recipe box subscription service to suit.

HelloFresh provides recipe boxes for up to four people and their ever-changing menu means you can spend less time on food prep and meal planning and more time doing the things you love. They deliver everything you need to cook a simple and flavourful meal. The menu is full to the brim with different cuisines which you can chop and change easily in your account ahead of each delivery.
Recipe times: from 15-minutes to an hour
Price per box of four meals for two people: £34.99 on average
HelloFresh offer: Save 40% on your first month of deliveries

The Gousto delivery service follows suit, delivering all the pre-measured dry and fresh ingredients needed for your selected recipes. Gousto scored highly in The List's recipe box review for offering an impressive menu of recipes and providing super fresh produce, whilst also working towards reducing single-use plastic.

'If their ethos continues to evolve as fast as their menus, and our cooking skills, we'll no doubt be receiving Gousto deliveries for a long time to come' — read the full review.

Recipe times: from 10-minutes to an hour
Price per box of four meals for two people: £34.99 on average
Gousto discount code: Save 40% on your first box and 30% off the first month of deliveries

Simply Cook
Unlike other brands, Simply Cook delivers a letter-box-sized package containing pots of seasonings, pastes, sauces and stocks to provide instant injections of flavour as you cook. You are responsible for buying the required dry and fresh ingredients but Simply Cook steers the ship with their diverse range of easy-to-follow recipes and instructions.

'As someone who struggles to meal plan and stay disciplined while grocery shopping, Simply Cook has been an absolute lifesaver. The wide range of recipes on offer are a great way to try flavourful cuisines from around the world without breaking the bank' — read the full review.

Recipe times: between 15-30 minutes
Price per box of four meals for two people: £9.99
Offer: Get your first box for £3

Feast Box
Feast Box connects eaters with all the ingredients and instructions needed to whip up Asian, South American and Middle Eastern dishes at home. Their service features a diverse range of meals (including a great ratio of vegetarian and vegan options) which you wouldn't normally find on the menus of other services to its subscribers.
'The service itself is a bit more customizable than in other subscriptions we've used in the past: each dish is priced separately between £5—£8, and you have the choice of putting between 1–4 dishes in your weekly basket' – read the full review.

Recipe times: from 20 minutes to an hour
Price per box of four meals for two people: £35 + (prices vary per dish)
Offer: Get 25% off your first four recipe boxes

Mindful Chef
Mindful Chef has been making waves this year, collaborating with the likes of popular eatery LEON as well as pairing with charitable initiatives. Their ethos centres around responsibly sourced produce such as grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, and fresh fish and veggies from the UK. There are 68 nutritionally balanced recipes to choose from each month including vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free options. The Mindful Chef team ship everything you need to make a great dinner and are so confident you'll love what you cook that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Recipe times: all under 30 minutes
Price per box of four meals for two people: £57.50
Offer: Get £10 off your first and second recipe box delivery

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