90s Baby POP -- The Biggest Pop Show Ever

Hold on to your seats! 20+ legendary 90s POP artists perform for one night only. Picture this….AQUA, Eiffel 65, Los Del Rio, Heather Small, Bwitched and 15+ other legendary 90’s POP artists all under one roof, for one night only, in Manchester at one of the UK’s largest Arenas. Whether you grew up to these iconic artists and unforgettable tracks, you can always piece back to those simpler times, and that’s exactly what 90’s Baby POP is about. Transporting back to those nostalgic special moments were growing up was a thing of the future. Although these artists stapled their names across the 90’s, they have managed to span successful careers throughout past and present generations, making them some of the most iconic bands and performers of all time. 90’s Baby is pulling out all the stops with this incredible line-up of talent, they’re expecting thousands to come flooding in from across the UK to witness a 90’s POP spectacular of glitter, confetti, Dancers, SFX productions and everything in between, making this an evening not to be missed! And if that wasn’t enough, the legend Los Del Rio and 90s Baby are currently in talks with the Guinness Book of World Records to perform the world largest ever Macarena at the AO Arena which will be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Performance Dates & Venues


The Guildhall

023 9282 4355

Friday 23rd Sep 2022 7:00pm

Standard Prices from: £46.92


Swansea Arena

Friday 30th Sep 2022 6:00pm

Standard Prices from: £37.40


Usher Hall

0131 228 1155

Sunday 2nd Oct 2022 7:00pm

Standard Prices from: £32.45


Stockton Globe

Friday 14th Oct 2022 6:00pm

Standard Prices from: £38.65


P&J Live

+44 1224 824 824

Saturday 15th Oct 2022 7:00pm

Standard Prices from: £46.30



020 7748 2728

Friday 21st Oct 2022 7:00pm

Standard Prices from: £39.15


AO Arena

Saturday 22nd Oct 2022 5:00pm

Saturday 29th Oct 2022 5:00pm


Bonus Arena

01482 456220

Friday 28th Oct 2022 7:00pm

Standard Prices from: £44.61

Event data: Data Thistle

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